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Scheduling Appointments

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Your child is our number one priority. We want him or her to have a great first and future visit with us!

We prefer to schedule preschool children in the morning when they are more alert. This will allow us to take our time and help alleviate any fears they may have. School children that have a lot of treatment to be done are usually seen in the morning as well. Older children are given preference to after school hours- please make these appointments well in advance as they are usually first to go. Dental appointments are an excused school absence. By committing to your child’s oral care and dental appointments, missing school can be kept to a minimum.

We require that a parent or legal guardian come for the first dental visit. Arrangements may be made if notified in advanced. We will reschedule the appointment otherwise.

Our appointment times range from 30-60 mins with a 10 minute grace period. We know things happen and we will strive to be prompt for you and expect the same in return. If you know you are unable to come for your appointment, let us know so we can give that time to someone else waiting.

We love to have parents in the room for the first and future appointments if you would like. The only time we will request you to leave the room is if we mutually agree that the patient may do better without you present as well as for our sedation cases.